Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 2 Flashback

Well...I sure remember most of this week's lecture and it brings back more memories of my Physics class...though I never got to actually solder back then, it was still a fun process to learn. I remember how to read a capacitor and determine polarity of it, how to solder properly, how to practice on a bread board before soldering components. Soldering is a lot of fun for me, I even finished the first soldering assignment mere moments ago, utilizing a 10mF capacitor in place of the 4.7 that came with the kit. I love looking at my work...amazed that I could do it all by myself. I look forward to more soldering in the near future. I will keep memorizing the different components and their associated symbols. Whenever I test my circuit, I always keep my capacitor in hand just in case I find something not working properly.

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