Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 1 Flashback

Well, I know that everyone had a hellish week last week but we all survived! The lectures on Electronics and Physics brought back memories of my Physics and Chemistry classes, ah those were the days...Remembering the structure of an atom and how electricity works...simply beautiful.  I thoroughly enjoyed both of the labs, learning and remembering how to construct simple circuits. I still love throwing my LED Throwie at the refrigerator at home and knowing that such simple components illustrate such an important concept is pleasing to the mind. And I have played around checking the conductivety of random objects in my house, also keeping in mind the concepts this tool illustrates. Both of the objects I have made help me to remember that electricity flows from positive to negative, Anode to Cathode. The gauge of wire determines the number of electrons that can flow through, thus determining the current. The willingness of an object to conduct is determined by the number of valence shells filled in the compound. This also determines if the object is a conductor or a resistor.  Also the illustration comparing the flow of electricity to the flow of water is forever engraved into my brain. I look forward to learning how to use the soldering pencil and all the tools and accessories associated with it.

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