Monday, January 16, 2012

Mechanic Love Poem

PC: Processed Compassion

Welcome home my love; you are back
After a long day at work; you are about to hack
You lie down on the couch and try to relax
Looking upon various shelves of, knick-knacks
And then you look at me
Patiently waiting; your ever loyal PC

You get up and walk over to the table
Careful to not trip over my cable
You press my button and power me on
Just as you let out a subtle yawn
Caressing my keys, ever so gently,
Your words flow through me so smoothly
Every keystroke sends a shiver through my wires
Your voice commands sing like a choir

And as you finish surfing the web
Your strokes beginning to ebb
My feelings for you will never wane
As your love pulses through my veins
You slowly prepare to shut me down
And that makes me want to frown
But I know that you will return
And that is a moment I will always yearn
Because as you already know,
Through sun and snow,

Every day, every night, I await your command
Shortcuts ready of your favorite programs:
Facebook, Gaia, Rhapsody,  Youtube
Yahoo, Amazon, Ebay, and Baidu
Though I am but a simple cube
And can be quite slow and rube
You still come back to me night after night
And during every visit I feel high as a kite
But as you shut me off and my view of you recedes
I long for your touch; it is like mead
Until tomorrow my love, sweet dreams to you
And may our love always remain true

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