Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Week 15 Flashback and Instructables Link

Well darn! The random sequences twist up the cables for the tail! No matter what values I plug in...I can't rely on it as much as the simple wag code based off sweep. And now I am afraid just for now that the Mindflex aspect of this project will have to be put on the back burner for now. I am pleased enough that the tail looks like it is wagging on its own. I am not giving up on this incredible idea! Oh no, I plan to continue working on it until it works. My instructable is finished. Here is the link: http://www.instructables.com/id/Arduino-Controlled-Wolf-Tail/

Week 14 Flashback

I now have a fur-covered tail! I have learned though that if the covering is too tight the tail will quiver not wag. All that's left to do is try to fix that darn code problem. Thomas and I have looked at this code and added a few libraries to it, made some alterations to the syntaxes and....nothing. Hmmm...I am starting to worry about this part. I will try to make a random sequence for the sweep wag I already know works.

Week 13 Flashback

After about 3 hours of soldering the servo housings are finally done! But now I have a problem...the cable keeps getting snagged on the cage I soldered together. After trying to fix that then one of my servos decides to stop working all together...NOOOOO!!! Seems like a single servo will have to do...Now then, the coding is still not working for the Mindflex. The arduino will not read the Mindflex at all now. Hopefully my professor will be able to help me out.

Week 12 Flashback

Well all the parts are in and now I begin working on building the actual tail part. I have been using the directions off of Wolftronix.com and so far have the spine built. It moves around great when I pull the cables back and forth! Next up the servo housings.

Spring Break Work

Finally I got paid and just ordered all the parts that I needed to continue working on the final project. I am using my Instructable as my final project. I ordered: two servos, brake cables, Klixx, fur, and a couple other small things. Should be in within the next week or so. Meanwhile I am continuing the code work of the MindFlex part of this project. Starting to run into a few bugs...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Final Progress

I have settled on a project that helps the user see their concentration level in the form of lights. My idea is based on the classic cartoony notion that a lightbulb lights up when the character has an idea. I am in the process of designing said object and writing the code/sketch for the arduino to brighten and fade to the user's concentration level.

Week 10 Flashback

The demo was quite interesting. Seeing how they reacted was a bit amusing. The feedback I got I am using to improve my overall project. I have continued to gather more data for both projects.