Monday, February 6, 2012

Sketches for Sound Project

 Diagram of sound board to be implanted into one of either innocent objects shown below.

 If implanted into a hard-back/bound book, the main board will be hidden in the spine and the various touch points found on different pages. The device will be utilized while in a sitting position, appearing to be just casually reading said book and when a certain page is touched, a sound will be emitted.

If implanted into a simple stuffed animal, the various contact points will be located on the six extremes of the toy: the legs, head and tail. This toy will most likely be that designed for a dog's chew/play toy. The contacts will most likely be metal tabs that will have to be sewn into the fabric.

Final Decision

I will make my own hardback book, and design it to appear like a real one but in the pages hide contact points. The speaker will be hidden in the spine of the book facing out away from me. I will need to purchase wood to encase the book and decorative paper and design my own cover.

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