Monday, February 6, 2012

Instructables: Animatronic Tail


It has been a long time love affair of wolves for me. I have always liked letting out my inner wolf in the form of wearing jewelry with wolf icons. More recently though, my desire for them has grown significantly in the form of wearing a mock wolf tail. I wore it during a previous intervention project and loved every moment of it. Surprisingly, it felt natural wearing it. I looked on instructables and found one instructable for an animatronic tail, which utilizes a mini servo and a micro controller for a fluid variety of movements ( Now, I plan to make and program my own board if I know how to by the time I get to that step; however, I can also make a pull string tail that is just as fluid and would be a cost friendly option to a mechanized tail. Separate supply lists will be provided for either a mechanized or a non-mechanized tail, along with a cheap vs. expensive list. I will also be providing detailed videos and images with step-by-step instructions for ease of use. Here is the main site where this person derived his instructable from (

Starting Supply List
  • Faux Fur or Rabbit Fur (In case you wanna be realistic or are obsessed)
  • Gauged Wire (Stronger the Better)
  • Servos
  • Micro-Controller
  • Various Components (Can be found on Wolftronix Website)
  • Bicycle link
  • More stuff coming

Video Reference


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